Who Sang The Waiting Room? Our Last Night

Our Last Night Building Cities From Scratch cover art
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Genre: Rock
Style: Post Rock
length: 4:57
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You've got nothing to lose, and you've got nothing to prove
You've got nothing. So what do you say? There's no pain in trusting me
Don't wait, are we there yet? Because this has been one long ride
You're so good at keeping secrets, I hope you lose your talent, so I can be sure of this
Were so close yet so far. I make these choices with what I don't know
You can try to drown me but I would breath underwater
Try me now while I'm still willing. This is is because you lift me
Is this what you wanted? Is this what you wanted from me?
Because its all I could ever ask from you, and I think
About why you keep me waiting here the same
This is what I want, couldn't ask for more
No one knows this

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    script: Latin