Joy Lyrics - Out of the Grey

Out of the Grey (See Inside) cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1997
length: 4:01
Some say the face is unforgettable
I'm sure I've seen it many times
Ah, but you know me
I forget so easily

I thought I saw you in a Sunday crowd
But then I lost you in a blur of color
Water color clouds
Like deja vu, was that you

They say someday I won't need to seek you out
But for now, won't you come and wrap me up
Inside your presence
We can celebrate if you stay

I know you make your home in any given lot
Your vision is so clear you don't see what is not
When I find you will I catch the cure you've got

Surely you're not in some distant land
Maybe down the block
Even cross the street
Have you always been near to me

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