Who Sang You're a Waste? Outbreak

Release information
Release Date: 2004-7-27
Genre: Rock
Style: Hardcore
length: 0:36

(You're a waste) and everything you do, (you're a waste) proves you've got no clue, (you're a waste) and it's nothing new, (you're a waste) but I f**king hate you. (You're a waste) an you'll never see, (you're a waste) that you won't get the best of me, (you're a waste) so just leave me be, (you're a waste) ‘cause I'm breakin' free. (You're a waste) and I should have seen the sign, (you're a waste) before I wasted time, (you're a waste) wanna f**k me over? Get in line. (You're a waste) f**k it I'll be fine, you're a

7" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Infected
  • 2 You're a Waste
  • 3 Spit in Your Face
  • 4 No One Cares
  • 5 MP
  • 6 Pushed Aside
  • 7 You Make Us Sick
  • 8 Braindead Scum
  • 9 Sick and Tired
  • 10 Don't Need You
  • 11 Out(break)tro
  • 12 I Blame You
  • 13 Useless
  • 14 No Second Chances
  • 15 Dead to Me