Who Sang Cuttin' In? P.J. Proby

Release information
Release Date: 1996
Genre: Pop
Style: Vocal
length: 2:51
For feeling so bold,
But this is my girl
You`re dancing with.

Excuse me, pardner,
For being so cold,
But you see

We had a little argument.
She said it was over,
She said we were through,

Pardon me, buddy,
I`m cuttin` in on you.
Excuse me, pardner,

For being so cold,
And for the tears
That she shed.

But can`t you tell
By the look in her eyes,
She didn`t mean a word

That she said.
Darling, I`m so glad
That I found you,

Oh, girl, I want my arms
Around you.
Excuse me, pardner,

I`m cuttin` in on you.
I think
You better find yourself

Someone else to dance with,
`Cause this little girl
Right here,

I`m gonna romance with.
Excuse me, buddy,
I`m cuttin` in on you.

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