P.M. Dawn - More Than Likely 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 1992
length: 4:20
producer: P.M. Dawn
piano: James Barnett
mixer: Michael Fossenkemper
violin: Regis Iandiorio, Max Ellen, Gene Orloff, Elliot Rosoff, Marti Sweet, Sandra Park and Abe Appleman
background vocals: Boy George
viola: Mitsue Takayama and Alfred Brown
additional engineer: Michael Fossenkemper
cello: Frederick Zlotkin and Susan Poliacik
strings arranger: Max Ellen, Joe Gianono and P.M. Dawn
editor: Michael Fossenkemper
What's the use in trying
If all my senses say no place exists for you
What's the use in holding out my arms
I couldn't find reasons if I tried to
What's the use in floating if all it does is tell
You someone's under you
What's the use in being if I learn to be
Neglectful to all the things
That mean the most to most of you
But I can hear me say

More than likely I'm the one you're living for
If I find out I am then I'll finally understand
When I say
More than likely I'm the one you're living for
More than likely (living for)

What's the use in praying
For all the things that mean so much to none
Of you
What's the use in pouring out my heart into
Situations I could cry thorough
Oh, what's the use in closing all the doors
That let the loving into you
What's the use of loving If I learn
Not to feel anything at all, even if it means
The most to you
But I can hear me say


Even If you find that I'm transcending most
Of my mind
Through the often closing doors of what's
To come, and what's in store.
Even if because you find I'm spending most
Of my love
To the often closed minds that must require
What you're living for
What's the use in changing (lets go)
To all the hopes that leave you somewhere
Next to lies
What's the use in buying all my time,
To try and figure out the frame that likes to
Communicate through signs
I can hear me say


CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 When Midnight Sighs
  • 3 So On and So On
  • 4 Plastic
  • 5 The Ways of the Wind
  • 6 To Love Me More
  • 7 About Nothing (For the Love of Destiny)
  • 8 Norwegian Wood
  • 9 Beyond Infinite Affections
  • 10 Looking Through Patient Eyes
  • 11 Filthy Rich (I Don’t Wanna Be)
  • 12 More Than Likely
  • 13 The Nocturnal Is in the House
  • 14 When It’s Raining Cats and Dogs
  • 15 I’d Die Without You