P.M. Dawn - Screaming at Me 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 1998-10-26
length: 4:54
I can hear me now
Telling me it's my life
I can hear me now
Telling me I'm okay at least until the sun goes down
I can hear me now
Talking to all my tears
I can hear me now
Telling me to stay away but begging me not to go far

There's nothing wrong with your life
Yes I'm putting all the squares in the circles
Freedom's only grieving for you now
'Cause I'm not wasting no more lifetimes screaming at me

I can see me now
Kissing and pouring me a bath.
I can hear me now
Telling me I'm alright
Even when I break my heart.
No, there's nothing wrong with this life.
You can put all your worlds on this circle.
I can never kiss me goodbye.
'Cause I'll be spending my whole lifetime
Screaming at me.

Flesh only matters in life
You can't believe your whole world's on this circle very low.
Spirit's are bleeding from my mind
'Cause I'm just wasting all my lifetimes
Constantly wasting all my lifetimes
I'm just so tired of wasting all my lifetimes
Screaming at me.

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