Oh My God Lyrics - P!nk feat. Peaches

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Release information
Release Date: 2003-11-10
length: 3:44
producer: Tim Armstrong
guest lead vocals: Peaches
lead vocals: P!nk
mixer: Al Clay
engineer: Tim Armstrong and Dave Carlock
bass: Matt Freeman
membranophone & percussion: Travis Barker
additional engineer: Atticus Ross
assistant engineer: John Silas Cranfield, Tony Cooper and Fredrik Sarhagen
guitar family & sampler: Tim Armstrong
Wurlitzer electric piano & organ: Dave Carlock
composer: Tim Armstrong, Merrill Nisker, P!nk
lyricist: Merrill Nisker, Tim Armstrong, P!nk
Put me on the table
Make me say your name
If I can't remember
Then give me all your pain
I can sit and listen
Or I can make you scream
Kiss it and make it better
Just put your trust in me

Oh my God, go a little slower
Oh my God, what was that again
La da da, let me feel you baby
Let me in, 'cause I understand
Let me feel you baby
Cause I understand

I understand all
Now climb my sugar walls
Problem solved it's dissolved
with the solvent known as spit
Lickity lick not so quick it's a
Slick ride make my mink slide
Cause were all pink inside

This can be really easy
It doesn't have to be hard
Here baby let me show you
I'll have ya, climbing up the walls
You got all the problems
I think that I can solve
Why don't you come in here baby
Why don't we sit and talk

[Chorus x2]

You like the top and the bottom
You make a drop and then caught 'em
And when you rock then you've got 'em
Oh my God 'em oh my God 'em

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