Who Sang 187? P3 + Ampichino feat. C-Bo

C-Bo Mob2k15 cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-1-13
length: 4:42
I'm a young *****, go by tha name B.G.
Don't stunt, *****, my K hold fifty
And I will use, in a minute you six feet
I refuse to lose, I issue blues

It'll be no clues
When I strike, you lose
I tip-toe light in Reebok shoes
Your issue's.. where I hang

You cannot stand without your pistol in your hand
You ain't no man
You get ran.. off tha set... like a *****
And if you stay.. it's trigga play

************, you get split
And once it's on, it's on, you all in
I'm comin' full force after tha hissin'
Stay off tha block.. 'cause everyday I spin tha ben

Without a grin
Hot Boy$ I represent.. to tha end
Just me and my girlfriend
We out to win

Still got ki's for ten
I get from be
Bring 'em straight in tha U.P.T.
After tha pack it's chance for me off six deep

I front a *****
Tried to play me, ain't playin' me
Thought it was all gravy
He got his issue

[Chorus: x 4]
It's goin' be 187 after 187
It's goin' be blukah after blukah out my MAC-11

They got a lot of.. *****s tryin' ta.. get me killed
But I done flipped.. tha ****in' script.. and played it real
Now I'm dippin'.. an Expidition.. around tha corner
And can do.. just about.. whatever I want

I'm money-rollin'.. and it's legal
And ain't no quittin' in tha Regal
Behind tha tints.. my chopper's spittin'
Me and Dougie.. **** in (?), and showin' us in

It's like a movie.. they want to do me.. it's on again
I know it's showin'.. how *****s scorin'.. I can hear ya talkin'
*****s knowin'.. now they hoin'.. to me for offers
I can't holla.. don't have no powder.. until tomorrow

But I got a.. couple of dollars.. that you can borrow
*****, go
You're 'round my door.. you're drawin' heat
You can go.. but on this porch you destroyin' me

No exception.. at disrespectin'.. can't let it happen
Now you step in.. my ****in' section.. talkin' 'bout jackin'

[Chorus: x 4]

Duck.. *****, duck
'Cause when I come I gon' bust.. fifty-plus
Don't give a **** who in tha way
It's on you.. when I spray

Whoever hit, look here, it's on you
Tha B.G. and Juvenile.. tear it down
We get them pistols in our hand.. and act a clown
*****s ****ed up don't know.. what to expect

Cash Money liable to do anything next
Fly around your set in a private jet
Have your ***** next to me in a Corvette
Or ridin' on tha back of my motorbike
Around tha second line stun'n with tha loud pipes (vroom vroom)

We showcasin', bodies erasin'.. we want it all
Joe Killer.. told me be patient.. we gonna ball
Seven figures.. me and my *****s.. we comin' up
Gettin' rid of.. tha garbage litter.. with fifty-plus
Now we drainin'.. 'cause that 'caine in-side of our nose
*****s playin' it.. tha way we sayin' it.. to let you know

[Chorus: x 6]

Juvenile and tha B.G.
Juvenile and tha B.G.
Juvenile and tha B.G.
Represent tha U.P.T.

Tha H.B., uh-huh
Juvenile and tha B.G.
Represent Cash Money
Juvenile and tha B.G.

Playa haters can't fade me
You can talk that **** if you want to
I'll spin your corner
You'se a goner

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  • Release information
    label: Urbanlife Distribution
    country(area): [Worldwide]
    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin