Who Sang Tu Means in Spanish You? Pachanga

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Genre: Hip Hop Latin
Style: Reggaeton/Pop Rap
Tu Means In Spanish You

I see the things I can explain,
And I feel your heart we had the same,
Before you stepped outside in silence,
of my life, of my life

El tiempo pasa y se va,
Algunas vecez se que tu si estas
Entre dos cielos y mi tierra,
nada mas te faltara alla

Tu means in Spanish you,
and no words can say how love can become so true
And I whisper mi passion you're the morning sol,
All the time you have been gone, you're gone

Ese es mi deseo, suave deseo

I tried to feel what you have told me
Never to cry or feel dam lonely
Is like walking next to the sun,
under the sun, the sun

Can we walk alone; I still can hold your hand
Can you turn back the time before we cried, el viento contara,
que tu aqui estas, tu aqui estas, estas

Ese es mi deseo, suave deseo
Ese es mi deseo, suave deseo

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    script: Latin