Who Sang Orgies in Sadomatic Temple of Baphomet? Pactum

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length: 6:57

Sortilege, luxury, inconfessable vices
Sodomics and safic snatches
Oh, great baphomet
Possess this virgin whose the backs
They will serve as altar for its ritual
Receive these infernal sacraments, woman
Renounce god and swear submission to the prince of darkness
Begin the great ritual...
Open the great infernal book
And intone the black verses
That the consecration of the virgin begins
Draw near...oh, great black goat
Defloret this virgin as makes an animal
On the nude flesh of the altar woman
Blend the consecrated host, with the menstrual blood and earth
That everybody makes communion with darkness
Orgies... in sadomatic temple of baphomet...
Begin the orgy
Everybody nude, exalted by the erotism
Give the hands and begin the diabolical circle
And intone black verses
Leave that the lust dominates them
The pleasure of the flesh
And it will be like this complete the great sabbat...

  • 1 Luciferi Glorium
  • 2 The Call of the Black God
  • 3 The Deep Nightfall Reveal of the Eternal Evil
  • 4 De Magnum Opus Obscurus
  • 5 Orgies in Sadomatic Temple of Baphomet
  • 6 Summa Imperii Satanae 666