Who Sang The Deep Nightfall Reveal of the Eternal Evil? Pactum

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length: 5:51

When the unspeakeable rotten virus touch the soul
With his corrosive perception of the forbidden
He'll free the lustful and angry impure passions;
So we'll give ourselves to his true light shine
Only in it exists reason, the lost emotion
Which carry us to the sullen and majestic lands
The silence will be broken, our clamour will came to thee
Oh angel of light...
Spill the glory and sinful desires upon the disciples
That thy hate and scorn fall over the lambs
Oh infamous desires... which guide us to the majestic kingdoms
From the deepest mysteries, where reveals itself the truth
That the presence of the moon drunk us in so occult forest
In this kingdom which reveal us the deepest emotions
The ones seduce the men since the beginning
Praised morbid sight! we rise the vengeance sword
We exalt the intense hate and we profane the memory of christ
Ave blasphemia... ave ars niger...
In this pale night, waiting for the evil principles
Which rape the innocence
Oh deep nightfall! oh darkness abyss!
That thou came reveal the end of the eternal evil rest
The way of death reveal itself like revenge light
To insensitive eyes
Where thou walk, oh majestic creature of the nights, greedy for blood
Lost melancholy which rules the rebel shepherd of the shadows?
That thy essence rapture us to thine kingdom, to the origin of death...

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  • 3 The Deep Nightfall Reveal of the Eternal Evil
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