Paddy and the Rats - Let's Go Johnny Lyrics

release date:
length: 3:02
producer: Paddy O'Reilly
membranophone: Seamus Connelly
lead vocals: Paddy O'Reilly
mixer: Zoli Baker
electric guitar: Joey MacOnkay
recording engineer: Paddy O'Reilly, Gábor Nóniusz and Bence Bruckner
background vocals: Paddy and the Rats
acoustic guitar: Paddy O'Reilly
accordion: Bernie Bellamy
fiddle: Sam McKenzie
banjo: Sam McKenzie
bagpipe: Sam McKenzie
bass guitar: Vince Murphy
tin whistle: Sam McKenzie
low whistle: Sam McKenzie
assistant recording engineer: Csaba Gaál and Seamus Connelly
Just a poor man"s son from the docks
By Christ
named Johnny made bucks with box
Hey ho (hey ho) Johnny Weirdo

The taste of blood turns on his mind
He"s thrilled to kill with no alibi
Hey ho (hey ho) Johnny Weirdo

I"m one of those rich men who managed w____s
Makin" dirty money from the misfit souls
Hey ho (hey ho) Johnny Weirdo

Coz holding all the aces in his hands
Just a shattered face"s there at the very end
Hey ho (hey ho) Johnny Weirdo

Don"t wanna see yer face down on the floor
(Let"s go, Johnny! Let"s go Johnny!)
Just kill him and I take it all
(Hit Me, Johnny!, Hit Me, Johnny!)
No mercy, don"t need self control
(Let"s go, Johnny! Let"s go Johnny!)
Just score and find peace of yer soul
(Hit Me, Johnny!)

See their fatuous faces
Should not loose my faith in you,
But if you"ll cheat on me, I"ll let the dogs out on you
Use yer money maker
Fight"s the only chance for you
If you"ll hit the floor, I let the beast out on you

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