Who Sang The Ferryman? Paddy Schmidt

Paddy Schmidt Easter Red cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2004
length: 2:39
All the little boats are gone
From the breast of Anna Liffey
And the ferrymen are stranded on the quay
The Dublin docks are dying
And a way of life is gone
And Molly it was part of you and me

Where the strawberry beds
Sweep down to the Liffey
You´ll kiss away the worries from my brow
I love you well today
And I´ll love you more tomorrow
If you ever loved me Molly love me now

´Twas the only job I knew
It was hard but never lonely
The Liffey Ferry made a man of me
Now it´s gone without a whisper
Half forgotten even now
Sure it´s over Molly over can´t you see

Now I tend the yards
And spend me days in talking
And I hear them whisper "Charley´s on the dole"
But Molly we´re still living
And Darling we´re still young
And that river never owned my heart and soul

CD 1
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  • 2 Wild Mountain Thyme
  • 3 Black Is the Colour
  • 4 I'll Tell Me Ma
  • 5 Wish I Was Back in Liverpool
  • 6 Star of the County Down
  • 7 From Clare to Here
  • 8 Streets of London
  • 9 Red Is the Rose
  • 10 Ye Jacobites by Name
  • 11 The Munster Set
  • 12 Scarborough Fair
  • 13 Streets of Laredo
  • 14 The Ferryman
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