Who Sang Wish I Was Back in Liverpool? Paddy Schmidt

Paddy Schmidt Easter Red cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2004
length: 3:50
I wish I was back in Liverpool
Liverpool town where I was born
Where there ain´t no trees, no scented greens
No fields of waving corn
But there´s lots of girls with peroxide curls
And the Black and Tan flows free
There´s six in a bed by the old pier head
And it´s Liverpool town for me

´Tis seven long years since I wandered away
To sail the wide world over
Me very first trip on an old steamship
That was bound for Baltimore
I was seven days sick and I just couldn´t stick
That bubbling up and down
So I told them Jack you´d better turn back
To dear old Liverpool town

We dug the Mersey tunnel, boys, way back in ´33
Dug a hole in the ground until we found
An old cold wall ye see
Then the foreman cried:
´Come on outside the roof is falling down´
Well I´m telling you Jack, we all swam back
To dear old Liverpool town

Well, there´s every race and colour of face
There´s every kind of name
But the pigeons on the pier head they treat you all the same
And if you walk above down Parliament Street
You´d see faces black and brown
And I have also seen the orange and green
In dear old Liverpool town

CD 1
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  • 2 Wild Mountain Thyme
  • 3 Black Is the Colour
  • 4 I'll Tell Me Ma
  • 5 Wish I Was Back in Liverpool
  • 6 Star of the County Down
  • 7 From Clare to Here
  • 8 Streets of London
  • 9 Red Is the Rose
  • 10 Ye Jacobites by Name
  • 11 The Munster Set
  • 12 Scarborough Fair
  • 13 Streets of Laredo
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