Who Sang Conscience? Paganize

Release information
Release Date: 2006-10-23
length: 4:35
Would you sell your soul tonight
If everything we said would turn out right
Do you believe the news you've heard
It's only a rumour don't say a word
Do you believe it is out of your control
Could you turn & walk away
If your best friend was left in chains
Do you believe the ghosts you keep
Remain buried underneath
I am the beholder of your light
Dreams come true
I hold your life
I feed your mind
I pull you under
Won't you feed me breed me hear me roar
Won't you leach me lead me hear me roar
Can you see the world through their eyes
When all they do is feed you with lies
Heaven knows what's buried inside
Or what's written between the lines

CD 1
  • 1 The Hour
  • 2 Conscience
  • 3 Dark
  • 4 Hollow
  • 5 Turn of the Tide
  • 6 The Wraith
  • 7 Divinity in Vain
  • 8 Blind Eyes
  • 9 Mary King's Close
  • 10 Unfolded