Who Sang Mary King's Close? Paganize

Release information
Release Date: 2006-10-23
length: 4:16
Prowling streets of blackest night
Alleyways of death
Hunting prey to feed my demons
Blood l*** in my soul
Respected citizen at day
Killer at night
Let me tell the gory secret
Of Mary King's Close
Why does this evil & malice
Reside in me
I'm closing eyes for ever more
In the haunted close I wait
With wrath I make my move
The last one to a dozen full
Has kissed my steely blade
The blood of innocence again
Is flowing through the streets
In contentment I retire ignoring the watching eye
Icy dungeons Iron chains
Torture & trial
Here I end my living days
At the Grass Market gallows

CD 1
  • 1 The Hour
  • 2 Conscience
  • 3 Dark
  • 4 Hollow
  • 5 Turn of the Tide
  • 6 The Wraith
  • 7 Divinity in Vain
  • 8 Blind Eyes
  • 9 Mary King's Close
  • 10 Unfolded