Who Sang The Wraith? Paganize

Release information
Release Date: 2006-10-23
length: 4:44
At night I watch you sleeping
And the dreams that you dream
Are memories of a long gone past
Pray the lord your to keep
All through the night I hear you calling
Chanting me to rise from my grave
And the dreams that left unfolded
Shall be brought to life once again
In the palm of his hand
The future lies
In the will of the mind
Hope will rise
I can hear you calling
With despair wishing to wake the dead
I'll stay with you 'til the morning
And share with you all the tears that you shed
In days of loneliness & confusion
A drama played over & over again
You're mind works just like a theatre
A theatre of pain
All the questions that you have
And the dreams that we should share
What will the future bring
But I can't answer you 'cause I'm no longer there
Another lonely night asleep in our chamber
Watching memories wash away
Somewhere deep down in your future
I see you smiling it's time for me to say goodbye

CD 1
  • 1 The Hour
  • 2 Conscience
  • 3 Dark
  • 4 Hollow
  • 5 Turn of the Tide
  • 6 The Wraith
  • 7 Divinity in Vain
  • 8 Blind Eyes
  • 9 Mary King's Close
  • 10 Unfolded