Who Sang Turn of the Tide? Paganize

Release information
Release Date: 2006-10-23
length: 3:34
Standing at the end your spirit's floating through the air
Break away the ice & come into the priestess lair
No-one before you has stepped inside this realm
Fill the sails with fire the devil's at the helm
Please take my hand I'll lead you to the open road
Leave the life you led 'cause you won't ned it anymore
Kiss the fangs of pearly white watch them sinking in
Venom running through your veins welcome to my l*** domain
Turn of the tide the gates are open wide
Won't you turn the key solve the endless mystery
Turn of the tide nowhere left to hide
Look me in the eye & let your soul slip away
Drenched in sweat you realize nightmares are your friend
Was it all a dream will I await you at the end
As you rise you wonder will you ever be the same
You've gone beyond the truth where the fool meets the sane

CD 1
  • 1 The Hour
  • 2 Conscience
  • 3 Dark
  • 4 Hollow
  • 5 Turn of the Tide
  • 6 The Wraith
  • 7 Divinity in Vain
  • 8 Blind Eyes
  • 9 Mary King's Close
  • 10 Unfolded