Goggins Lyrics - Pain

Pain Full Speed Ahead cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock
length: 3:39
She had to much to tell

But not a thing to say.

They said "We hope you're doing well"

As she cut her teeth into the day.

Pounded on by confounded fools

With neurotic oppressing ties.

Beaten down by the Golden Rule

Defending all true blessed lies.

Hate to see you bound by conditions

Of those with the breadfan and no life.

Do your best, never test the restrictions,

Why does your mother keep calling?

Take a chance if you want and leave their world behind.

Chalk 'em up as nothing more than Goggins on your mind.

Watch out if you feel them crawling up and down your spine.

Make a stand if you want to crush the Goggins of your mind.

600 misguided miles of self-loathing diaries,

Estranged doctor files and pills prolonging misery.

Months and months went by, no one could figure out

What made her sulk and cry, and what on earth she's thinkin' 'bout.

She'd gone hunting for affection

With delusions in search of prize.

He begged "I already have a reflection, must you persist in stalking?"

Let him go if you want to stop wasting all your time.

Don't fall prey unto the Goggins of your mind,

Break away if you feel the need to leave it all behind.

Take a stand and wash your hands of Goggins in your mind.

Nightmares and voices and mood swings no choice,

Is it you, is it me, or something I can't see?

What is the reason for this soul of treason,

Why do yourself in this way? Doh!

Just barely 5 feet tall, prayed for the worst to pass.

Ridiculed he'd heard it all, never chosen, never asked.

Sorting through the medicine when In walked his old man.

Said "I got something for ya" and kicked him in the cans.

"Now you can run if you want to but I doubt you will get far.

You gotta take it to the root of all your fears and scars.

Take a break when you find you're losing all your cool and rhyme.

You're only being taunted by the Goggins in your mind."

Take a chance if you want to and feel free anytime

To chalk 'em up as nothing more than feelings so unkind.

Break it down if you see the wall is way too high to climb.

Here's your chance to split the skulls of Goggins in your mind.

Ooh ohhh ohh Na na na na naa oohh

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