Who Sang The Basement? Pain Teens

Release information
Release Date: 1990
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Industrial/Noise/Experimental
length: 3:30

My parents work the carnival
They're gone till late July
My sister is a cripple
And it's only she and I
They left us here in this hellhole
Seven kids, and just one spoon, and hardly any food

It started out as spankings with the neighbors looking on
She let her daughter's boyfriend chew and hit me all night long
I tried to fight, I tried to run, I really couldn't get away
They punished me by burning me with cigarettes all day

[?] came to watch, and she told me that I smelled
[?] and tied me up, dropped me in scalding water hell
She made me write a letter, made me lie to mom and dad
Said I'd chased a gang of boys who did things that were bad

They locked me in a basement
I'm too bruised to go to school
They all come down to get me
And she tells them what to do
They held my hands and feet
Put a gag into my mouth
Wrote on my stomach with a needle
"I'm a prostitute and proud"

[?] and kick me
Can't feel my arms and legs
[?] hurt so badly
[?] a shovel
Shovel [?]
Shovel [?]

CD 1
  • 1 The Basement
  • 2 Pleasures of the Flesh
  • 3 Shotguns
  • 4 Bad in My Head
  • 5 The Way Love Used to Be
  • 6 Secret is Sickness
  • 7 Lady of Flame
  • 8 Desu Evol Yaw
  • 9 She Shook Me
  • 10 Christo
  • 11 My Desire
  • 12 Noh Jam
  • 13 Hands in Fire
  • 14 Bannoy
  • 15 Veil of Light
  • 16 Puzzling Diagnoses
  • 17 Wot's de Matter
  • 18 Preppy Killer
  • 19 Unthinkable
  • 20 Path of Destruction
  • 21 New Woman
  • 22 Bug in a Can