Who Sang Wild World? Pain Teens

Release information
Release Date: 1992
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Industrial/Noise/Experimental
length: 5:55

It's a wild world it's a wild world hey! it's a wild world hey!

Hold me up baby for I may fall
Hold my dish-rag body tall
Our bodies melt together (we are one)
Post crucifixion baby, post crucifixion and all undone

It's a wild world it's a wild world la-la-la-la it's a wild world
Hey! it's a wild world it's a wild (ya ought to be sure)

Church bells ring out the toll of our night
Forward and forever backward
Forever backward forever forward alright
Strophe and antistrophe strophe and antistrophe hey!
Antistophe antistrophe
(c'mon baby, kiss me tight)
Up here in your arms tonight

It's a wild world hey! it's a wild world it's a wild world
It's a wild world and she's a wild girl hey! hey! uh! uh!
It's a wild girl uh! huh! ah! it's a wild world uh! huh! uh!
And she's a wild girl don't push me uh! don't push me uh!
Don't push me uh! in a wild world hah! uh! huh! and don't push
My wild girl uh! uh! ooh! it's a wild world hey! aahaha-hey!
Aahaha-hey! aahaha-hey! aahaha-hey! aahaha-hey! aahaha-hey!
It's a wild world uh!

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