Painface - Failed 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2000
length: 2:02
Face to face
with the lone individual who tried to erase me -
excuses came, deals were made,
but I'll never cower down,
bow down, or fall down.
The last one tried it.
The last one failed.

I feel it deep down, like a pit in my gut
where the pride used to hide., and its gone now but so what?
I've faced the past and I proved I can last to the end -
but what happened to my friends?
Like a tiptoeing burglar,
they were off in the night
without a f****** regard for what's wrong or right.
They thought I'd disappear, they hoped I'd go away,
but I knew in time that I'd coral my prey.
The last one tried it.
The last one failed.

Now I'm hunting you mixed-up s*************s
went down the wrong path.
Like a robin, now I walk and stalk without a pack.
I try to resist, but my f****** instincts won't be supressed.
I have a tolerance for silver, but not disrespect.
You've caused a change in my outlook on all humankind:
they're self-obsessed, they've lost my trust,
they're much too weak-of-mind.
No longer will I waste my time hoping for what i know is not:
they're just a battle-scar from the wars I've faught.
The last one tried.
The last one tried it.
The last one tried.
Now you've tried it, and you failed.

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  • 登録情報
    country(area): United States
    script: Latin