Painface - The New Son 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2000
length: 3:16
I've shadowed you,
the last three or for years,
wiating for my sacred new son.
I taste the way you think, the way you distress.
I smell the fear you must overcome.
Ceremony of skin, a ritual of wounds.
What delight i will take in your first kill.
I taste the air and know the way you run.
I smell your scent - it lingers here still.

Come on out.
Don't be shy.
I will help you find yourself.
All your hair grows, on the inside.
Just like I.
Just like I.
Feel it. Feel the darkness crawl.
Feel it. Your part of it all.
Feel it. Feel the death inside of me.
Feel it. You will see.
Feel it. I have wonderful plans for you.
Feel it. Step up and show them what you can do.
Feel it. Feel the death inside of me.
Feel it. Now you know.

If I die before the morning comes,
bury me beside my faceless son.
You will take your place in Great Fenris' grace.
If I die before the morning comes.
Step outside the Circle of Ancient Ones.
Bare your throat and show them you'll never run.
You will be shown the ways of the Litany.
You will become the new Chosen One.
Hold your breath down.
Take your place now.
Serve your Elders.
Seal your fate.

(bridge, chorus, bridge, chorus)

  • 1 Cave Dancer
  • 2 The New Son
  • 3 Fallen Silent
  • 4 Umbral Quest
  • 5 Failed
  • 6 Step Into the Dark
  • 7 Dead to Me
  • 8 Last Rites
  • 9 Polymer
  • 10 Outward

  • 登録情報
    country(area): United States
    script: Latin