Who Sang Like a Drug? Palisades

Palisades Mind Games cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-1-13
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Post-Hardcore
length: 3:37
I know deep down that this isn't good for me
I know your love is a battlefield

Like a drug, I just can't get enough
Like a drug, I just can't give you up

Lately all these situations
Keep getting me in every confrontation
I feel the tension in your body rising up again
We always end up saying that we're better off as friends
Lately every time you wanna change
We keep getting twisted up in wicked games

But maybe if I try to close my eyes,
It'll bring me back when we were more alive

But I know
Deep down that this isn't good for me
I know
Deep down that I'm scared I'll never leave
Cause you've been using me
When you know that I'm weak
Well I've had enough of these wounds
I know
Your love is a battlefield

Run that s___ back

Save me from this temptation
It's killing me and I don't wanna face it
Time after time we find ourselves on a different page
Look at the signs and draw the line and go our separate ways

Someone turned out all the lights
There's no bringing us back to life

I think I'm better off alone
I'm doing better on my own
So let it be

CD 1
  • 1 Player Haters’ Ball
  • 2 No Chaser
  • 3 Bad Girls
  • 4 Mind Games
  • 5 Whatever You Want It to Be
  • 6 Afraid
  • 7 People Like Us
  • 8 Like a Drug
  • 9 True Blood
  • 10 Come Over and Watch Netflix