Who Sang Baby Doll? Party of One

Release information
Release Date: 2003-5-26
length: 4:43
Sixteen and life's just begun,
Ninety-eight pounds equipped with a handgun,
Straight eighteen, now a murderous feign,
You ask how I got here,
I look so clean,
Am I just a pretty face in a far out place,
Give me a bottle of mouth wash and plenty of tooth paste,
Because I'm on my way to be initiated,
Don't let me bite too hard,
You'll be emasculated,
I won't be pretty no more,
When I wedge in a street war,
I hope you've got insurance because I'm hitting your store,

Yeah, the future looks good,
But I'm not gonna let it,
The names Lucy Maria McDebit,

But you can call me Baby Doll,
I shave my legs and I crawl,
s**, Blood and Alcohol,
On the streets and in the mall,
Five-five but not small,
Read the graffiti on the wall,
For a good time call,
Your black widdle Baby Doll

Big cop, new to the scene,
I took the law into my own hands,
If you know what I mean,
He said "Hey honey,
you got a nice pair of familiar,
hey split it with me, and I might not reveal 'ya,
to the D-E-A because I'll shoot it all anyway"
I grabbed his piece and said "No way,
Get your hands off my c*** and get them in the air,
and give me those cuffs, Teriek wants a pair"
The neighbors reported the disturbance,
It was me and my four male servants,
They all drop their nines and ran,
Like the b****** they are,
Right when you pulled up close in your squad car,
And ricket your roof,
And Jamal took a fall,
What a waste,
You got Johnny Jehovah three times in the face,
You came over to frisk me,
But then you dismissed me,
You rotten little perverts could never resist me,
And my cut-off jeans and my boots and my fish-net tights,
I say my name ain't Miranda and you got no right,
I already told you my name sweety
It's Baby Doll,
The most dangerous of them all,
Now get your hands against the wall,
You're gonna pay for Jamal,
Yeah you're gonna take a fall,
Cause I ain't no little doll,
I'm a nightmare on call,

I have the license,
Foo had the car,
Two brothers in the back named Troy and Lemar,
Had their targets fixed,
As we slowed down a bit,
Then we took the hell off when the lightning hit,
And the thunder rang out to every corner of the sky,
Three executions on the fourth of July,
What now?
Am I next?
I'm strung out, I'm over-s**ed,
I'm perplexed,
What's your future Baby Doll?

Well the future looks good,
But I ain't gonna let it,
Come on give me some credit!
After all I'm Baby Doll.

CD 1
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