Who Sang Crazy? Pat Green

Pat Green Carry On cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Country
length: 5:58
Saw you early this morning
Sleepin' all dressed in white
For a moment I thought you were an angel
Come to take me home alive
You woke up and you caught me staring
Smiled and said "Hey cut it out"
I said that I must be crazy
I said crazy 'bout you and I kissed you on the mouth

And if I am truly crazy
Don't you know I like my life that way
And if I'm really goin' on out of my mind
Won't you hop on board and make your getaway

Took a walk on down the seashore
Saw a beggar pickin' up some cans
Saw a little boy who had some songs in his eyes
Reachin' out for his mama's hand
Watched a stranger give that man a dollar
Watched the mama wipe the tears from the little boy's eyes
And then I stared up to the heavens
Said "Oh Lord I'm glad that I'm alive,
Glad that I'm alive"


Wake up in the morning and turn all the lights on
Turn em out at night so we can hide
Sometimes I sleep with all the lights on
It helps me to appreciate the night
People talk about life all the time
Oh they remember times so sad
Don't you think life would be awfully boring
If the good times were all that we had

[Chorus: x2]

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  • 2 Carry On
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  • 4 You Gotta Know
  • 5 Rusty Old American Dream
  • 6 Crazy
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