I Cover the Waterfront Lyrics - Paul Gonsalves

Release information
Release Date: 1991-7-1
length: 4:10
producer: Orrin Keepnews
engineer: Bill Stoddard
piano: Wynton Kelly
recording engineer: Bill Stoddard
bass: Sam Jones
cornet: Nat Adderley
drums (drum set): Jimmy Cobb
tenor saxophone: Paul Gonsalves
I cover the waterfront,
I'm watching the sea,,
Will the one I love,
Be coming back to me?

I cover the waterfront,
In search of my love,
And I'm covered by,
A starless sky above.

Here am I,
Patiently waiting,
Hoping and longing,
Oh! How I yearn!
Where are you?
Are you forgetting?
Do you remember?
Will you return?

I cover the waterfront,
I'm watching the sea,
For the one I love,
Must come back to me.

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