Back in Brazil Lyrics - Paul McCartney

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Release information
Release Date: 2018-7-7
length: 3:21
producer: Greg Kurstin
lead vocals: Paul McCartney
vocal: George Yuji Motoda, Mary Miwako Abe Takeda, Thiago Eiji Taromaru, Tetuji Taromaru, Jorge Kazuo Sakamoto, Michelli Kaori Katayama Tamari, Lucia Abe Okuda, Luciana Mayumi Abe Yoshizaki, Rosa Seiko Sawada Abe, Nely Abe, Cintia Sayuri Sawada, Nanci Hitomi Abe, Fonzaghi, Ana Flávia Kazumi Sakamoto, Irene Ueti Sakamoto, Alfonso Mitsuo Sawada, Eliana Shoyama and Felipe Yuiji Katayama
trumpet: Miguel Guerrero, John Hovorka and Kye Palmer
mixer: Mark “Spike” Stent
engineer: Greg Kurstin, Al Schmitt, Steve Orchard, Billy Bush, Mauricio Cersosimo, Alex Pasco and Julian Burg
electric guitar: Paul McCartney
violin: Josefina Vergara, Michele Richards, Amy Wickman, Kathleen Sloan, Natalie Leggett, Robin Olson, Songa Lee‐Kitto, Tereza Stanislav, John Wittenberg, Katia Popov, Mario de Leon, Everton Nelson, Caroline Campbell, Peter Kent and Marcy Dicterow Vaj
flute: Pedro Eustache
background vocals: Abe Laboriel Jr.
viola: Matt Funes, Robert Brophy, Darrin McCann, John Metcalfe, Andrew Duckles, Bruce White and Kate Reddish
acoustic guitar: Paul McCartney
harmonium: Paul McCartney
cello: Rudy Stein, Jodi Burnett, Vanessa Freebairn–Smith, Richard Dodd and Ian Burdge
Wurlitzer electric piano: Greg Kurstin and Paul McCartney
co-producer: Paul McCartney
clarinet: Dan Higgins, Phillip O’Connor, Joshua Ranz, Stuart Clark and Ralph Williams
harp: Gayle Levant and Marcia Dickstein
congas: Paul McCartney
triangle: Paul McCartney
drums (drum set): Abe Laboriel Jr.
bass guitar: Paul McCartney and Greg Kurstin
tuba: Doug Tornquist
woodwind: Pedro Eustache
assistant mixer: Derek Stockwell and Michael Freeman
assistant recording engineer: Paul Pritchard, Steve Genewick, Bradley Giroux, Collin Kadlec, Jamie Kirkham, KIKO KLB, Matt Tuggle and Keith Smith
composer: Paul McCartney
lyricist: Paul McCartney
Back in Brazil
There lives a girl
Dreams of the future
And a far, far better world

Back in Brazil
She meets a man
He's tall and handsome
And he fits her with a plan

Bright lights ahead
Music and fun
Nights out for dancing
And the days for the sun
All kinds of weather, did surely come and go
But they're together
And together they will steal the show

Ichiban, Ichiban, Ichiban
Ichiban, Ichiban, Ichiban

Back in Brazil
She makes a date
He has to cancel
'Cause they got him working late

Back in Brazil
She feels afraid
Hope starts to crumble
And her dream begins to fade

Her lights are out
She's gone to bed
Light's out for sleeping
If a girl's to get ahead
Even the weather
Has started changing too
But they'll be together
And together they will make it through

Ichiban, Ichiban, Ichiban
Ichiban, Ichiban, Ichiban

So we raise a family as the clouds roll by
Making pictures of us in the sky
The kids are happy and they don't ask why
Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa you and I

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  • 8 People Want Peace
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  • 11 Back in Brazil
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