Hunt You Down/Naked/C‐Link Lyrics - Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney Egypt Station cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2018-7-7
length: 6:23
producer: Greg Kurstin
piano: Paul McCartney
vocal: Paul McCartney
trumpet: Steve Herrman
mixer: Mark “Spike” Stent
engineer: Steve Orchard, Julian Burg, Greg Kurstin, Alex Pasco and Billy Bush
electric guitar: Rusty Anderson, Paul McCartney and Brian Ray
violin: Tereza Stanislav, John Wittenberg, Katia Popov, Mario de Leon, Caroline Campbell, Peter Kent, Kathleen Sloan, Amy Wickman, Marcy Dicterow Vaj, Michele Richards, Robin Olson, Natalie Leggett and Josefina Vergara
background vocals: Brian Ray, Rusty Anderson and Abe Laboriel Jr.
keyboard: Paul McCartney
viola: Andrew Duckles, Robert Brophy, Darrin McCann, Kate Reddish and Matt Funes
acoustic guitar: Paul McCartney
percussion: Paul McCartney
harpsichord: Paul McCartney
harmonium: Paul McCartney
cello: Timothy Loo, Jodi Burnett, Rudy Stein, Vanessa Freebairn–Smith and Richard Dodd
vibraphone: Greg Kurstin
co-producer: Paul McCartney
tenor saxophone: Doug Moffett
sampler: Greg Kurstin
trombone: Charles Rose and Tom “Bones” Malone
synthesizer: Paul McCartney
harp: Gayle Levant and Marcia Dickstein
drum machine programming: Greg Kurstin
baritone saxophone: Jim Hoke
drums (drum set): Paul McCartney
bass guitar: Paul McCartney
cymbal: Abe Laboriel Jr.
assistant mixer: Derek Stockwell and Michael Freeman
assistant recording engineer: Jamie Kirkham, Collin Kadlec, Matt Tuggle, Kyle Stevens, Keith Smith, Paul Pritchard, Bradley Giroux and Steve Genewick
arranger: Greg Kurstin
Moog: Paul McCartney
composer: Paul McCartney
lyricist: Paul McCartney
I can't find my love
No matter how hard I try
She's leaving me to run around
It makes me wanna lay down and cry

Come on back to me right now
You shouldn't have to stay away
I don't play no hide-and-seek
That's not a game I wanna play

I'm traveling around the world
Trying to find the perfect babe
I found myself a little girl
But now she's started running away

Come on back to me right now
Don't wait to lay, unleash the hounds
If you don't get back today
To find your trail, I'll hunt you down

I've been taken for my younger brother
Life's a bastard but I have no other
I keep waking up when I try to sleep
I've been naked since I was born
Born to follow you wherever you go
But my problem is I never do know
Where you're taking me
I don't have a clue
I've been naked since I was born

Save my soul and set me free
Free to fly home
There's a place I'm meant to be
Down back home

I've been broken in so many places
But together, by a sea of faces
What to make of it
I don't hardly know
I've been waiting for so long, so long

I've been taken for my younger brother
Life's a bastard but I have no other
I keep waking up when I try to sleep
I've been naked for so long
I've been naked for so long
So long, so long, now

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  • 2 I Don’t Know
  • 3 Come On to Me
  • 4 Happy With You
  • 5 Who Cares
  • 6 Fuh You
  • 7 Confidante
  • 8 People Want Peace
  • 9 Hand in Hand
  • 10 Dominoes
  • 11 Back in Brazil
  • 12 Do It Now
  • 13 Caesar Rock
  • 14 Despite Repeated Warnings
  • 15 Station Ⅱ
  • 16 Hunt You Down/Naked/C‐Link