Who Sang Rolling Stone? Paul Rodgers

Paul Rodgers Now & Live cover art
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Release Date: 1997-6-17
length: 10:13
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Well, I wish I was a catfish,
Swimmin in a oh, deep, blue sea
I would have all you good lookin women,
Fishin, fishin after me
Sure 'nough, a-after me
Sure 'nough, a-after me
Oh 'nough, oh 'nough, sure 'nough

I went to my baby's house,
And I sit down oh, on her steps.
She said, "Now, come on in now, Muddy
You know, my husband just now left
Sure 'nough, he just now left
Sure 'nough, he just now left"
Sure 'nough, oh well, oh well

Well, my mother told my father,
Just before hmmm, I was born,
"I got a boy child's comin,
He's gonna be, he's gonna be a rollin stone,
Sure 'nough, he's a rollin stone
Sure 'nough, he's a rollin stone"
Oh well he's a, oh well he's a, oh well he's a

Well, I feel, yes I feel,
Feel that a low down time ain't long
I'm gonna catch the first thing smokin,
Back, back down the road I'm goin
Back down the road I'm goin
Back down the road I'm goin
Sure 'nough back, sure 'nough back

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    country(area): United States
    script: Latin