Who Sang Devotion? Paul Weller

Paul Weller Sonik Kicks cover art
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Release Date: 2012-1-1
length: 4:02
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Devotion is the key
to the lock that holds your dreams
sending whispers from afar
as these ways to find your heart
now you things you never said
you must now say them all

Devotion gets you up
on those mornings in the dark
when you fumble for the light
asking whats should day be like
it answers with a call
as devotion leads you on

There you go
with your head full of ideas
it shows
there's a purpose in your feet

Let it fall down in a crawl
let it part don't leave the course


in these loving arms

Devotion fills the room
takes the things we love too soon
pieces empty at a time
til we see the sun shall rise
and now after we have gone
as devotion carries on

Devotion sets you free
stops you spinning in the street
ties you gently to a tree
comesback for you at dawn
picks you up and makes you strong
as devotion leads you on

And you know
that you better get it right
it shows
there's a purpose day and night

Don't let it go down in a crawl
let it fall don't leave the course


In these loving arms

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    label: Island
    country(area): United Kingdom
    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin