Lonely Hearts Lyrics - Paul Williams

Release information
Release Date: 1975
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Chanson/Pop Rock/Ballad
length: 3:12

My time is your Time
The song begins
The move starts
The sweet life the lovers
And what about the lonely hearts?

Lonely hearts
Tired eyes
Seldom wins, always tries
When you don't belong
Always say things wrong
When you've looked so long
And wound up lost again

Lonely hearts
Still believe
Those who give, should receive
Every loving glance
Seems like one more chance
And a New Year's dance
Can break an April fools lonely heart

Through your angel's face
And your pure sweet grace
Found a resting place
And not a home in my lonely heart

Winter worries, summer sadness
No one likes to say goodbye
Life alone can lead to madness
I believe it's wrong to try

Lonely hearts
Try again
Lonely now, you were lonely then
Rut if time is kind
And if love's still blind
Each of U5 will find
A welcome home for our lonely hearts

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