Who Sang Scream? Paula Cole

Paula Cole Raven cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2013-4-23
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Soft Rock
length: 3:07
Everyone is happy here
Until you walk in
Tossing your poison around and
Silencing with your toxicity
You cannot hear me scream.

Morning routines, bedtime routines,
Going through our motions here
Living inside the romanticizing,
That trapped us in a wicked dream.
I have lost my scream.

I am all alone on the rooftops
Wanting to fall.
I will let the wind hold my body
Drowning me out.

Can’t believe, can’t believe,
I’m back here at the table,
Watching your crooked ways
As you sashay through the kitchen scene,
God where is my scream?

I am all alone on the rooftops,
Wanting to fall.
I will let the wind into my heart
and devour these killing thoughts.

Somehow, somehow,
I’ve gotta pull myself through this,
There is a way to peace,
Discovering the dormant beast.
The one lost in my scream.
Open up my feelings.
God where is my scream?

CD 1
  • 1 Life Goes On
  • 2 Strong Beautiful Woman
  • 3 Eloise
  • 4 Sorrow-on-the-Hudson
  • 5 Manitoba
  • 6 Scream
  • 7 Imaginary Man
  • 8 Billy Joe
  • 9 Secretary
  • 10 Why Don't You Go?
  • 11 Red Corsette