Who Sang City of Gold? Pearls Before Swine

Pearls Before Swine City of Gold cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1971
length: 3:10

I have crawled across the burning sands to the city of gold
When I scratched upon the gates, oh Lord, and I felt so old

My talking, it was only words, my smile was only teeth
Though I had so many friends there, I knew I was alone, oh Lord, I felt like a thief

I saw a man all wrapped in chains and wracked with pain all through
I said : 'I saw your face once in a pane of glass' - and he said : 'I saw you'

Then he handed me a book, I asked him what it was
But just then all the town's people gathered around to look at all the blood

The people, they all jeered at him and circled him all 'round
And an old man pulled a gun from his pants and laughed and shot him down

They called for gas, they pulled out knives, what they did, I will not say
Then the old man turned to me, said : 'We don't like your kind' - and I knew that I was saved

Vinyl 1
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  • 2 Once Upon a Time
  • 3 Raindrops
  • 4 City of Gold
  • 5 Nancy
  • 6 Seasons in the Sun
  • 7 My Father
  • 8 The Man
  • 9 Casablanca
  • 10 Wedding
  • 11 Did You Dream Of