Who Sang She's Gone? Pearls Before Swine

Release information
Release Date: 2003
length: 2:12


She's gone
She's rolled up the windows
Put all the curtains away
And your hair isn't silver
It's gray
Stop kidding yourself
You're old
You're old
So she's gone
She's been saving up seconds
And putting them away
In a secret kind of bank
And she's so very careful
To say thanks
But old men
Are suddenly old men
Old men
She's walking away
All your life
Suddenly she's yesterday
All your life
And walking away
All your life
And taking away
All your life

CD 1
  • 1 Snow Queen
  • 2 A Life
  • 3 Butterflies
  • 4 Simple Things
  • 5 Everybody's Got Pain
  • 6 Bird on a Wire
  • 7 Island Lady
  • 8 Come to Me
  • 9 Freedom
  • 10 She's Gone
  • 11 Epitaph