Who Sang When I Was a Child? Pearls Before Swine

Release information
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Rock Folk, World, & Country
Style: Folk/Folk Rock
length: 4:46

When I was a child I lived all alone
All my trials I bore them alone
Sometimes I would smile but often I'd grieve
Growing up was learning to disbelieve

When I was a child there was me, there was them
They were all holy 'cause I was in sin
They were the enemy but I was the king
I was a leper until you came in

You were a messenger coming from them
They never touched me 'cause I was afraid
You came with your holy hands, your holy eyes
Blessed me with touches and touched me with eyes

I was the child of all the untouched
Lepers left over when he left the cross
But you came in darkness, incense and eyes
Blessed me with touches and touched me with eyes

I was still breathing sweet lies from a song
A saint in the evening, a leper at dawn
I carried my own day of death through the land
But you taught me to live with a secret of hands

Now growing up is learning to look at the light
You're not always wrong if you're not always right
So when it's all over, your miracle through
I'll take what you lent me and rescue you too

CD 1
  • 1 Footnote
  • 2 Sail Away
  • 3 Look Into Her Eyes
  • 4 I Shall Be Released
  • 5 Frog in the Window
  • 6 I'm Going to the City
  • 7 Man in the Tree
  • 8 If You Don't Want To (I Don't Mind)
  • 9 Green and Blue
  • 10 Mon Amour
  • 11 Wizard of Is
  • 12 Frog in the Window
  • 13 When I Was a Child
  • 14 These Things Too