Who Sang On My Mind? Peculiar People Band

Release information
Release Date: 2003
length: 4:04

She's getting ready for forever
And we're getting ready for the day
She's making peace with her creator
And we're fighting amongst ourselves

Can I be someone?
Can I be someone better?
Can she be the one that's on our minds?

Everyday she lives is precious
We've forgotten what we've done
She would give anything to be us
But we're not happy with ourselves

And we have so much
It is ours to give
Can we feel her pain?
And if we don't change and look outside ourselves
Who will break her chains?

  • 1 Place
  • 2 Jesus Rock My World
  • 3 Anthem
  • 4 On My Mind
  • 5 Turn My Way
  • 6 Take Me
  • 7 Sorry
  • 8 Angel
  • 9 Stars
  • 10 Can I Leave My Head
  • 11 Let Me Be The One
  • 12 The Moment