People in Planes - Flesh and Blood 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2008-9-9
ジャンル: Rock
スタイル: Alternative Rock/Indie Rock
length: 3:34
I dont want to speed date
I dont want a rebate
I dont want this dinner
and I dont want the dirty plate
I dont want your money
I dont want you here too
I dont really want you to know what i'm thinking...


I dont want the evening
or the mid afternoon
I dont want tomorrow to come to soon
I dont want to get lost
I dont want to be found
I dont want to hear you say when your on the rebound
I dont want take it
I dont want buy it
dont want a helicopter
cause i wont know how to fly it
I dont want funeral
I dont want a weddin'
dont think i can bring myself to listen to your message

We're flesh and blood
We're flesh and blood

I dont want your dinner
I dont want your leather
I dont want your socks
and I dont want your pepper
I dont want your limits
I dont want you to fix it
wont give me our opinion
cause you know where you can stick it

dont wanna hear your stories
dont wanna hear you laughin'
dont wanna be standin' here
takin your orders
I dont want the quality
I dont want you to bothered me
when im dead and burried
I dont want you to remember me...

We're flesh and blood
We're flesh and blood

I dont want your picture
I dont need encouragin'
if i catch on fire
then I hold your question
I dont want a flat screen
I dont want a tooty freak
think of so much chances
and leave without the silver screen
i dont want your blessin'
i dont need caressin'
if you find me guilty
then I dont want your certainty
I dont want the season
I dont need a reason

Only want your pressure
if it's to stop the bleedin'

We're flesh and blood
We're flesh and blood

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