I'm Gonna Go Fishin' Lyrics - Percy Faith and Percy Faith Orchestra

Percy Faith Orchestra Chinatown featuring The Entertainer cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1974
length: 2:38
Woke up this morning
Wanting to cry
Then I remember
Yes I know why
She's a real good one for having her cake
I'm gonna go fishing or jump in the lake

Yeah, I'm gonna go fishing
That's what I'll do
Think about nothing
Not even you
Catch a real big one, a big speckled trout
Snapping in the water I'll pull him on out

Sweet talking liar
Spin me a yarn
Tell me a story
Big as a barn
Don't stop listening I won't hear you out
I'm gonna go fishing and catch me a trout

If a gal is a liar
A gal is a fool
Playing for keepers
and breaking the rules
She'll be the loser, yet to find out
I'm gonna go fishing and catch me a trout

Here in the water
Look at him shine
There goes a big one
That one is mine
Catch up the reel now, I've got the feel now
Hooked onto my fly rod I've got me a trout

Sweet talking liar
You're in for a fall
You tell me a story
You cut to the wall
Don't go my way, I'm down the highway
I'm gonna go fishing...
Yes I'm gonna go fishing...
Yes I'm gonna go fishing and get me some trout

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