Merry-Go-Round Lyrics - Percy Faith and Percy Faith Orchestra

Release information
Release Date: 1956
Genre: Jazz
Style: Easy Listening
length: 3:16
lyricist: Jean Renoir
composer: Georges van Parys
You know he's gotta get away
To the merry-go-round and round
Count the times that he laid awake at night thinkin'
Am I goin' down now
Am I goin' down
Am I goin' down now, oh!

It's not easy puttin' on a smile
You're alone, lost and found
She waits at home just to love him through the night thinkin'
He's been gone so long now
Is he comin' home?
He's been gone so long now, oh!

Merry-go-round and round (repeat)


[Chorus: Repeat 2X]

She waits alone
Just to love him through the night

I'm coming home babe

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