Who Sang See The Funny Little Clown? Percy Faith

Release information
Release Date: 1964
length: 2:46
See the funny little clown
See him laughin' as you walk by
Ev'rybody thinks he's happy
Cause you never see a tear in his eye
No one knows he's cryin'
No one knows he's dyin' on the inside
Cause he's laughin' on the outside
Mm no one knows, no one knows
See the funny little clown
He's hidin' behind a smile
They all think he's laughin'
But I know he's really cryin' all the while
How his heart is achin'
How his heart is breakin' on the inside
But he keeps laughin' on the outside
Mm no one knows, no one knows
This funny little clown
You never used to see him around
Without his girl beside him
To love and guide him
Until one day his girl just walked away
And to this very day he says he never loved her anyway
Mm and no one knows except for me
Because you see
The funny little clown is me

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