Who Sang This Is NASA? Pergamum

Release information
Release Date: 2009-4-16
length: 5:57
War, Well I listen watch them escape from prison
To hassle by now it hurts so badly
To love me I'll show you what I'm made of
Destroy me, I'll give you my heart and soul
In case I don't come home to where you are
Bring me the first born of the murderer
They won't be happy when I'm through with you
It's in the air baby I feel it too
All the boys who the dance floor didn't love
And all the girls whose lips couldn't move fast enough
Scream until your lungs give out
This ain't a scene it's a arms race
In case I don't come home to where you are I'll be your star
You won't know when
Dear father give me the strength to say
Destroyer leave me to walk alone
Destroy my sorrow NASA ride
And leave my friend's tower wide
Tell me tomorrow misery
Until the end lie or die
Destroy my sorrow NASA ride
And leave my friend you will die
Kill me tomorrow bother me until the very end
I will save you still
When they lock you in the iron cage
I will save you still you will run free
Dear Father give me the strength to say
Destroyer can't win now can't walk on me
I can't find the keys to the car I wana wana save
Nothing can stop even the world - I've had enough
Everything I kill I wanna save wanna save
Beter fiell per swa
Can't help me
Like a voice of the almighty the sound of a trumpet from an army
The way to be
Like the indecision of a man battered and beaten like a drum
The enemy
Open my eyes too
Don't know why we feel so alive
Just to keep it all inside with the question why
And I can't see my friends all die
Just keep me understanding in the way off
Life count it one two three
Don't you fall away from me
Hell walking in my shoes
Don't you ever lose

CD 1
  • 1 Classical Metal X
  • 2 Intro
  • 3 Heavy Impact
  • 4 Valiant Verification
  • 5 Serpent
  • 6 Mortality
  • 7 Drowning Mice
  • 8 OSS FM
  • 9 Reign Angel
  • 10 This Is NASA
  • 11 Outro

  • Release information
    label: [no label]
    country(area): Australia
    format: CD
    script: Latin