Who Sang Slaves of Labour? Persuader

Persuader When Eden Burns cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006-5-24
Genre: Rock
Style: Heavy Metal/Speed Metal/Power Metal
length: 5:08
Sands of time, an illusion
It has begun
Remembrance of life was swept from my mind
Mourning in silence

I've chosen my fate
Faith fought by few
You'll be alone forever
No awnser exists
Not for me or for you
No awnser exists!

Is this the price, wonder why
Your allegiance is blind

This time I give in to honour
I am walking alone again
Chosen by few, if they only knew
I'm the bringer of salvation
So follow me, slaves of labour

Godforsaken command
Reaching out for your soul
Look into the light
Where's the love of Christ now
Still mourning in silence

No longer I'll wait
Reign of the new
No one shall be my master
No answer exists
Not tomorrow, not today

Step into my world supreme
No madness denied
Stray of the weak
The final goodbye

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  • 2 Slaves of Labour
  • 3 Sending You Back
  • 4 R.S. Knights
  • 5 The Return
  • 6 When Eden Burns
  • 7 Judas Immortal
  • 8 Doomsday News
  • 9 Zion
  • 10 Enter Reality
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