Who Sang Say My Name? Peter Morén

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length: 3:16

Say my name cause i think I might've forgotten
Light the way to the nearest exit please
Say my name so I can see what my code has
And I'm out of here, I will disappear

Say my name again until I answer
Search the rooms to see if I'm still here
Say my name, make sure that I'm responding
It's been so abused, makes me so confused

Don't try to communicate
It's way too late, it's way to late
Don't try to explain
It's all in vain, It's all in vain
You can't figure out where I'm coming from
Even I don't know where I'm going
And whoever does the count doesn't add it up right

Say my name as it .?
Let me be the exception to your rules
Say my name and you don't have to worry
I will let you down, I won't be around
Say my name
Say my name

Say my name
Say my name
Say my name

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