Petey Pablo feat. Young Buck - O It's On 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2004-5-4
length: 4:37
95 percent of these supposed to be thugs is hoes
With Victoria Secret panties crammin that *** hole
Throwin the crooked finger ddd- ridin the west coast
Giv em' some real soldiers
Why'all son of *****es, hoes
I called it like I called it
Think I'm wrong, step forward
And get yo mind pushed in a science class bucket
She in to tough talkin now that 50 got on
Quit fantisizing bout that man, and live on
You ain't neva be hard, yo mammy ***** fed you too long
Probly still suck it if she pulled it out and showed ya
Tonite were gettin closure,I'm pointin out folks
Pullin *****z cards, exposin what ya hold
I'm sorry if it feels you don't know me no more
Just had some **** on my mind,in my chest I had to get off
You can't judge a mutha ****in book by its cover
But I can spot a ***** a mile away
Pardon me brotha
O its on, get at me, ***** I won't slap the **** outcha
Whacho want, Drag, cummon, bring all the *****es
O its on, get it, ***** I won't slap the **** whacho want, drag, cummon, bring all the *****es
" " " " " " " " " " " " " " "
" " " "
O its on, get it, ***** I won't slap the **** whacho want, drag cummon get ya some, mutha fuchas
Verse 2
These *****z catchin feelings
They ain't men they women
And he gay 'cause he wit em and he trying to defend em
So I say we should expose these hoes
I think our fans should know they gon shoot up yo shows
Its on know ya'll can cummon down
I got a desert eagle wit a silencer
I swear it make no sound
A 4-5 calibur with some bullets that so round
50 took a look at it and told me to slow down
Petey you need me ***** just holla and I got ya
Throw on some frank sinatra and order me some pasta
They ****in with some mobstas
See we can get it done, and I bet you at his funeral
Nobody gon come
I ain't here to be beefin wit no ***** to get a name
If you pussie and show yo panties, I'm pullin out my thang
Got a habit of smackin ******s with semi-automatics
You *****s in trouble
Buck and petey back at it its on!
If you jump off in the club its a jump off in the club
She can tow up just get tore up like I give a good ****
All the champagne I don bought but why'all don paid for this chair
That I'm fittin to take and break acros this son of ***** head
Look at bonecrusher very first verse he don read (10 ton(
That's on everything I love to drop then
****in round get a main artery cut in half
Blood gushin out the side of you're neck bleedin to death
Needin a paramedic to reconnect n piecen you back together
I don seen it happen too many times out here, hate it man
Its gettin crucial out here n you takin this **** for granite
***** punk, panty wearin mascara ******
Blowpop suckin ***,juicy fruity crooked man
Molested as a child, by the babysitter daddy
Backstabbin **********in crabs in a barell
I can't stand em, but I bet I can handle em

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    label: Jive
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 012414182425
    script: Latin