Who Sang If I Had a Wish? Petra Berger

Release information
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Electronic Pop
Style: Modern Classical
length: 3:49
Sisi, I know you're sad
Through all the hurt you've had
I can't make it right
Can't win your fight
Although I'd like to

You married far too young
You were a precious one
He stole you away
A new role to play
The empress of Austria
If I had a wish
I wouldn't miss
My chance to say

Sisi I'd braid your hair
Brush away all despair
You flirted with death
To take your last breath
And lead you to heaven

Sisi it makes me sad
You had your babies too
Taken away from you
How did you survive
So long in that life
I couldn't do it
Let's dream that you'll be
Barefoot and free
With all your children

Sisi I'd braid your hair
Brush away all despair

CD 1
  • 1 Terra Promesa
  • 2 Close Your Eyes (He'll Be Just Fine)
  • 3 Boadicea
  • 4 The Girl Looking Into Me
  • 5 If I Had a Wish
  • 6 When He Spoke My Name
  • 7 Eres Todo Para Mi
  • 8 I'm Coming Home
  • 9 Now's the Time
  • 10 Still a Queen (In My End Is My Beginning)
  • 11 All for Love