Who Sang Mistress? Petra Berger

Release information
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Electronic Pop
Style: Modern Classical
length: 3:35
I am his mistress,his slave, his mother,
I owe my all to him, none other,
His prized posession,
is what I've grown to be,
but is it me ?

So I wonder,
has love betrayed me...
Could I deny myself the chance to love this man,
this other man,

For all....
I gave him,
for all I tried,
I couldn't save him,
could no longer keep the colors of my wings
veiled under misty shades of grey
Love, I can no longer hide my face from you....
won't hear my conscience,
look in the mirror,
deny my lonely heart....
I'll be his mistress.....

CD 1
  • 1 Every Time
  • 2 Messalina
  • 3 Passion
  • 4 Portrait of Love
  • 5 L'ultimo Abbraccio
  • 6 Dancing With Demons
  • 7 Beyond Your Destiny
  • 8 Mon cœur s'ouvre à ta voix
  • 9 What He Means To Me
  • 10 Mistress
  • 11 The Goddess and the Slave
  • 12 I Couldn't Say No
  • 13 My One True Love
  • 14 Roxelana
  • 15 Cerco Te