Lied to Me Lyrics - Phantom Blue

Release information
Release Date: 1993
length: 3:16
Ma ma ma money, money, money, money
s** drugs money, let's live a little honey
Had a d*** for a mother and a b**** for a dad
Little brother lost his mind , his grades were too bad
Didn't understand couldn't really see
I could fell it, I could feel
Growin' like a weed in the sick sense of me
Some dumb stupid b**** in a white f*****' Benz
Got s*** faced f*****, burned all her friends
Needle in her arm and her little car alarm
I can hear her saying oh god, why's they -

Lie to me, oh man they lied to me
I'm sad
Lied to me
They never quit
Tell you what I want, I ask you what I need
Might as well be deaf and dumb and not read
Never really mattered if you didn't understand
They don't speak those words in f*****' Iran
Go the hell back, Take your ugly hat
I don't need ya, I don't need
Slimy little f***** with a knife behind your back
I don't need ya, I don't need
Little sinless men saying give me what you got
I'll take my fat a** home and buy myself a yacht
I don't really mean to be cryin'
So much I'm just p***** off
Cause the worlds so f*****

The world seems to be spinning
Faster and Faster
I think I might stop


Lied to me, oh man they lied to me
I'm sad, lied to me, oh man they lied to me

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