Who Sang Swagger International? Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams Number One cover art
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Release Date: 2006
length: 4:14
Yes, Haha, Yessur.
Little Message

[Verse 1:]
He Thinks Combustible Therefore His Spits' Explosive.
Reverse Eyes Moses
Landed Him Close With.
Them Unfuckable, Mrs Gamlour Aint So Glitz, His Checks Unsmudgeable
The n**** Is So Rich,
Forget Magazines, Cop His Album From Go-Gets.
$2500 Bapes From Ostrich
All That Double R Talk
Shut The f*** Up, Its All s***
Wheres Your Sunroof Homie?
You Rocking The Oh s***
400 Years Later And We Still In Chains, And It Ain't Jsut In Your Brain n**** Look At Me Man
You Could Put Your House Up
And Still Kill You Out Your Range
I Accesorize In Multimillion $ Things
While Mah n***** Generated Where
They Still Holla Cane, Still Holla Bang, Still Holla Slang
And When It Happen Du
All I Can Do Is Get In My Car
And Get It Cracking Du
And Ill Be Laughing Too
Me And This Black Girl That Listen To Gwen Stefani
Proschiutto, Mozarrella, Vinegar
At Chip Brianis
Her Girl Wing She Want To Know If I Had Her
But That Dont Matter
n**** I Got Swagger

Swagger International
Swagger International
Swagger International
Swagger International

[Verse 2:]
Aye Yo, You n***** Pretenders
You Aint Big Spenders
Narcisists, Full Of s***, And Ptentetious
You Have No Purpose So That Means That Youre Pointless. She Wants To Smoke, But Your Stupidass Is Jointless.
Ok Bluntless. Shes Walking Away
Now Your a** Is c***less
Trust Me Ypu Dont Want This.
Cause I Coul Read You
And Your Type Of People
No One Wants To Be You Cuz All
Of The b****** Leave You
Me, I Get Rid Of Them
Cuz I Dont Wanna ? Them
You Finger f*** Them And You Think That You Did Something
Yea I Know Her And I Only
Had To p*** Something
We Walking Back In The Room
And Your Face Like 'Did I Miss Something'
Sold Most Of My Cars
I Couldnt Make Sense Of The Fact
That Once I Got That Thing
I Wanted To Ride In The Back
Im Not Trying To Say That Driving
That Is Whack
But 2 Seats Thats Imposible,
Now Where Is Riding That
The Rolexes Got A Shining Grill
With The Diamonds Here
So The Light Can Play Tetris
Dont Say My Chain Is Sick
Say Its Infectious
b****** Brining Neosporin
When The Hero Is Touring
The Chains Chilling
Like Its Below Zero, Snoring
The Poochie Bucket, The Louie Lugage, The Scarf Is Bunny, My Spirits So Sunny.
n***** Call Them Out Cuz My Thoughts Turn To Money.
[Verse 3:]
I Try To Be Strategic Like A Warrior
Man They Young Warrior s***
Is What You Know Me For (Yessur)
My Minds A Rap City
My Hearts Like An Overture
None Before Me, None After Me
Im The Only Fo Sure
Man You Nothing Like Me
Call Me For Sure
I Sell Suggestive Lifestyle
You Sell Homie Couture
Haha, Never, A Runway For My Clothing Line
Strictly Pj Runways Occasional Oceanline
In My Aid To Bahamas And The Coast Is Fine
I Let The Wind Hit My Watch
I Had To Blow Some Time
See My Ears Rock N Roll
My Moneys No Sublime
From These Sherbet Ice Creams
With A Deuce Of Lime
Im Strictly Sherley Temple
Nigo Wants To Toast With Wine
f*** It, Cant Let You n***** Gross My Mind
With Yo Low Ambition And Do d*** Vision
Black And White Ideas
But No Precision
My Minds Like A Diamond
Producing Colors Like A Prism
With No Knowledge Or Udnerstanding
Of How The f*** You Gonna Reach Wisdowm
My Mind Is ? To Outlast Ink And Pen
If You n***** Think You Know Me
Nigggas Think Again


CD 1
  • 1 Number One
  • 2 Swagger International
  • 3 Raspy ****
  • 4 Number One (video)

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    label: Virgin
    country(area): United Kingdom
    format: CD
    barcode: 094636944401
    script: Latin