Who Sang Take Heed? Phi-Life Cypher

Release information
Release Date: 2000-9-25
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Conscious
length: 3:50
producer: Nappa
mixer: Juliano
recording engineer: Juliano

I wanna live forever
I don't wanna become a cropper
And end up dead black like 2 Pac and Big Poppa
So I live my life proper ain't going out like a sucker
Fuck turning the other cheek I'd rather wet you with my chopper
Bumbared don't ever think a dissin this mad dread
Cause if u look in my dufflebag and find more than eggheads
I gotta torture chamber for those who try to test me
I look through telescopic sights to get sniped like Wesley
I'm walking with an axe, sharper than a samurai
See I'm ready for action man, plus I got the eagle eye
I multiply like mathematics, rappers panic,
Sinking like titanic when I switch from manual gears to automatic
Like the impact of a car crash I'm causing whiplash
I move fast like Frankie Fredricks in the hundred meters dash
Master relay baton that be golden, to Ato Bolden
Linford Christie to Michael Johnson that's how fast I smoke em
Watch me break a dub-plate melter duck mc can't shelter
Cause I will make u dizzy on the lyrical helter skelter
Break a break a 1 9
I'll break your spine with one rhyme
Bring the dead to life like Frankenstein
With a mind sharper than Einstein
My rap structures lasts longer stronger than pyramids
This lyrical lyricist
I make hardcore rappers sound like ghetto kids
I strike the hardest bluff first
So fuck the doctors and nurse
Cause now you need embalming fluid
With the police, the bible and a herse
The bubble bursts when I desperse a verse
Your body hurts
So better be perfect mercy like a sinner repenting in a Church
Take heed
History in the makin
Straight from the depths of freestyle hell
Shits official
Shits official
Take heed
History in the makin
Straight from the depths of freestyle hell
Verbal assault
Rhymes rippin through the mix
I take life like suicide no murderers committed homicide
I'm ahead of the rest and don't kick metaphors, I kick metafives
My vibe is well timed like angels, my lyrics fly
I drink the elixer of life
So I and I will never die
Compare me to the Bible and you'll see that I'm reality
But get me vex and I twist to psycho kill your family sanity
My attitude is norman bates
My mind state is jason
I'm crazy like Freddy Kruger after a session of free basin
I cause cardiac arrests and triple heart bypass operations
I'm darker bark like dogs rottweilers, and killer alsations
African's ridgebacks they hunt in packs but I hunt solo
Before he can blink I make a rapper extinct just like a Dodo
My third eye, fly through the sky similar to Han Solo
Detecting all the wolfs in sheep's clothes
And undercover rap Homos
I'm ready for all Street fighters
And so called Mic ingniters
Cause I got the golden touch
With the double strength of midas
My combat attacks the metaphorical facts
Strap like a Nats
Motherfuckin dubs blades and whacks
I scourse tracks
My technique is poison pen
Uri Geller brain bender
The death medicine send a rap career and life ender
I kill so many lyricists
With my dark poison pen
I have to resurrect dead rappers so that I can kill them again
I can never replay like Sony Playstation, Arcades so
Fuck Mortal Combat Street Fighter Tekken and Soul Blade
If your wanna fight fight me Life the lyrical Bruce Lee
You'll be the snake in my minds shadow
While the sun shines on me

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 A.B.C.
  • 3 Rhyme of the Times
  • 4 B.B.C.
  • 5 The Racists
  • 6 Drop Bombs
  • 7 Take Heed
  • 8 Verbal Wars
  • 9 Phi Life Phi Life
  • 10 Last Man Standing
  • 11 Fatcats
  • 12 Herbaholics
  • 13 Phi-Life Is Here
  • 14 Tiks Sappan
  • 15 Bring It to Ya
  • 16 Bad Men From the West
  • 17 Class A Material
  • 18 Crazy Balheads
  • 19 Millennium Metaphors
  • 20 The Shining